Reusable Serveware FAQ’s

How It Works:

We’re proud to announce that this year’s festival will be one of the first of its kind to introduce a reusable serveware initiative that will be trialled and championed by 2023 attendees.
With your help we can save 120kg of waste in plates alone, helping to keep our site plastic free whilst enjoying plenty of festival fun. 

For a one-off donation of £2, you’ll be given a wristband on your first food purchase that gives you access to reusable serveware from all food traders throughout the festival. This will then be washed industrially off site. 

In order to make this a success, it’s important that you put your food waste in the bin and crockery in the dedicated drop-off points across the site. There’s also the option to bring your own reusable plates and cups and avoid a fee, or stock up in the on site shops.


What are we offering?

3 options: plate, big bowl, small bowl. Which traders will serve food in.

What’s the plan for cutlery?

Most food providers don’t use cutlery, if they do they will have to supply their own wooden single-use cutlery. Customers can bring their own cutlery.

Are they getting washed on site?

No – customers will get a clean one every time, and the dirty ones will be returned to various points on site, and then industrially cleaned post festival.

How do customers receive their plates etc?

Customers receive their food in the serveware directly at the point of purchase from the trader.

Does a customer pay for them?

A customer pays £2 to use the serveware all weekend. When they pay the first time, they get a wristband. If they bring their own lunch box or buy one onsite, they do not get charged. 

What do I do after the meal?

Return your foodware to one of the designated return stations.

What about my next meal?

You will receive fresh and clean foodware at every meal.

What are we doing about coffee cups?

If people want to bring keep cups, they can ask coffee traders to use it, just like you would in a coffee shop. We encourage this but are not incentivising it.