Environmental Impact

As a festival, we’ll make sure no single-use plastics are used, and that we only use environmentally safe inks on site. Minimal paper will be printed and, where possible, we’ll use a local supply chain. Only reusable drinks cups will be available, and we’ll also ensure that our traders are sustainably minded too.

Want To Help?

Here are a few things you can do to help ensure we all do our bit to keep our beaches and coastlines beautiful places to explore. We also pledge to offset any unavoidable environmental impact through our bona fide carbon offset programme, as follows…

Bring your own bottle.

Dispose of your rubbish: There will be plenty of recycling points on site, please make sure you use them.

No glitter, no litter! If you’re a glitter fan, please be conscious about how you use your sparkly waste. Use bio-glitter if you have it.

Cups and cutlery: It really helps to keep your reusable cups and cutlery with you to use with traders – don’t let it be single use.

Beach Clean: Plastic Free North Devon are organising regular beach cleans over the weekend to help us all leave no trace. If we all pitch in together on these, they’re sure to be a bit of a laugh.

Local Area

We aim to offset any unavoidable environmental impact through our bona fide carbon offset programme, as follows… 

Local Environment Impact:

We have gone through extensive ecological impact assessments, and the event will be used to provide land regeneration revenues to the National Trust area. Until 2018, Woolacombe down was commercially farmed, which devastated  the biodiversity. Since 2019 the North Devon National Trust have been re-wilding the 190-hectare site, by planting 30,000 trees, sowing wild seeds, and a general encouragement of habitats and nature (you’ll see a lot of their work when you walk around).

The event site is restricted to 17 acres, in an area which is used for hangliding, and managed in a natural way that limits habitats as part of the broader plan. The event is in and out in 3 weeks and will provide revenue to be invested back into land regeneration.

Wildlife Impact:

We have key habitat areas roped off and are also being proactive onsite with educational activations such as guided nature trails and a series of information sessions in association with the National Trust. These are definitely worth a look.

National Trust

The fee we pay the National Trust will go towards planting trees across Devon. This has already been implemented using funds raised through ticket sales at Spring Classic 2022.

We are also incorporating a wildflower garden into this year’s festival site to partake in and raise awareness of the North Devon Wild grassland project, which is creating species-rich grassland across 70 miles of North Devon, combating challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change.

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