What measures will be taken against the spread of Coronavirus?

We are closely monitoring the changing situation, and will adhere to government guidance at the time of the event. We will inform you of our COVID 19 Policy at least 4 weeks prior to the event starting, in order that we can draw upon the latest public health regulations.


Will there be space for social distancing?

Yes. Regardless of the government guidance prevalent at the time, the arena will feature sufficient space that customers can socially distance.

Can I bring my Pet?

No animals are permitted onto the site, including car parks. The only exception is assistance dogs for customers with a disability. Such assistance dogs must be registered with a national organisation.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol into the festival site?

You are allowed to bring alcohol into the camp site only, not the festival site. See the below campsite FAQs for more information.

What are the opening times?

For campsite ticket holders: 10am Fri 27th May to 11am Monday 30th May For day ticket holders: 12pm – 11.45pm on either Sat 28th or Sun 29th May

Can I leave the site and re-enter?

Yes. You can leave via the main gate and re-enter at any time. You must retain your festival wristband, as you will not be permitted to re enter without it. Any cars exiting and re-entering the site will be charged.

How can I get to the festival?

Parking is provided, you must purchase a car park pass . Alternatively, local busses stop within walking distance in Woolacombe. We will also be operating a park and ride service from a nearby train station. You may also get a lift from a taxi, friend, or relative. A dedicated “pick up and drop off” area is provided.

Can I camp?

Yes. You must purchase a weekend camping ticket. Please also read the Campsite FAQs.

Can I bring my motorhome/campervan?

Yes. You must purchase a live-in vehicle ticket. Please also read the Campsite FAQs

Can I bring a Caravan?

No. Only live-in vehicles are permitted.

Can I sleep in my car?

No – it is not safe to do this on site.

What should I do if I feel unwell?

Please contact the nearest member of staff wearing high visibility clothing. They will escort you to our medical team.

What should I do if I witness crime, disorder, or something else that concerns me?

Please contact the nearest member of staff wearing high visibility clothing. They will contact our security team who will resolve the situation

What are the provisions for persons with additional needs?

Blue Badge Parking is available close to the entrance. Accessible toilets are present in both the arena and campsite. If you have further accessibility requirements, please contact [email protected] and we will endeavour to accommodate them.

How can I make payments at the festival?

All food, bar, and retail outlets will accept card payments – however due to the remote nature of the venue it is also advisable to bring some cash. Please note we do not provide cash machines at the festival.

What should I do if I have a question or complaint?

In the first instance, please approach our staff at the main gate who will deal with your query. In an emergency, approach the nearest member of staff anywhere at the festival.

Are all the activities in the arena included with my ticket?

Most activities as per listed on the website are included with the ticket, however for specific events and activations there may be a small fee onsite which will be made clear at the time of sign up.


What am I not allowed to bring to the campsite?

See event list of prohibited items

Can I bring food or alcohol into the campsite?

Upon your first entry into the campsite, you can bring a limited amount of food or alcohol for personal consumption. The permitted quantities are shown here: Either 1 crate of beer/lager/cider OR 1 litre of wine OR 12 cans of pre-mixed spirit and mixer, per person

No glass

No straight spirits

Alcohol only permitted on first entry to the festival campsite

Can I put up a gazebo?

No. Due to the limited size of our campsite, there is not sufficient space for gazebos, unless you purchase a 5m x 5m camping ticket.

Can I put up an awning beside my live-in vehicle?

No. due to the limited size of the campervan area, we do not allow awnings. Unless it explicitly fits within your designated 6m x 9m pitch space.

Can I bring my caravan?

No. Only campervans are permitted

What is the size limit for a campervan?

Your campervan ticket space is 6m x 9m. This will be big enough for a small campervan, e.g. VW Transporter or Ford Transit Custom. Customers with larger campervans must purchase two campervan passes, and email their details to [email protected]

I’m staying in a tent, am I allowed to use cooking equipment?

No. Due to fire safety restrictions, you may not use any cooking equipment including BBQs, portable stoves, or open fires.

I’m staying in a campervan, am I allowed to use cooking equipment?

You may only use built-in, professionally fitted cooking appliances with liquid fuel such as LPG.

Are campfires allowed?

No. Due to fire safety restrictions, open fires of any kind are not allowed

Can I park next to my tent?

No. All cars must remain in the car park – which is located close to the campsite. If you want to park and camp you must purchase a van / campervan ticket.

Are there showers?

Yes. Free hot showers are available to campsite ticket holders. Due to the remote nature of the site, shower facilities are limited. Please bear in mind there may be a queue for these facilities at peak times (mornings). Please consider other guests and limit your shower time to 5 minutes.

Where can I find drinking water?

Drinking water points will be available in both the campsite and arena. You should bring your own bottle or container.

What should I do with my rubbish?

Please bring any waste to the collection points in the campsite, or use the bins provided around the site.


  • Glass (of any kind).
  • Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon (including penknives and cutlery)
  • Personal portable toilets (unless in combination with a van / caravan ticket)
  • Camping gas canisters above 5kg
  • Generators of any kind
  • Bean bags & inflatable chairs / loungers (they can blow away in the wind – and it can get windy.)
  • Paint spray cans
  • Laser equipment or pens
  • Fireworks / flares
  • Smoke canisters
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Klaxons / air horns / megaphones (or other similar items capable of making loud noise)
  • Personal motorized vehicles (unless a mobility scooter)
  • Any animals (with the exception of assistance dogs, are not permitted at any time)
  • Drones
  • Large sound systems
  • Unauthorised or professional photography, film or video equipment
  • Excessive amounts of alcohol – You are allowed to bring in your own alcohol (for personal consumption in the camping area only, not the arena area) but only up to reasonable amount per person. Once you have entered the event you cannot re-enter with more alcohol supplies.
  • High visibility bibs and jackets
  • Poles, banners and flags (small static flag poles in the campsites are allowed)


We operate a zero tolerance on drugs/legal highs. Laughing gas is illegal and will not be tolerated

Please also note you may be searched on entry to the event site. Any items that may be used in an illegal or offensive manner will be confiscated. No responsibility is given for the return of confiscated items. If you are in possession of illegal substances you may be arrested.